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This is a demo page. Changes don't go through, but it should give you a good idea of the admin interface.



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RSS for your portfolio can be found by adding .rss to your portfolio URL, like this. Entries are displayed chronologically, and it updates automatically whenever you make a new post. Enabled by default, but can be disabled under portfolio settings.


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A dump of your entries (raw HTML) can be made if you are signed in. Just click 'portfolio settings', then 'output'.


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PDF downloading is enabled by default for new portfolios, but can be disabled if you like.

Images are embedded into the file as thumbnails, with a full link to their source beneath.


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JSON is retrievable by adding .json to your portfolio URL, like this.


Soundcloud, Youtube, Vimeo

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To embed external videos, click the 'show source' button on the text field and paste your embed code.

Lorem Ipsum from Lorem Ipsum on Vimeo. Youtube:


Posting Entries

Pinned entries

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Pinned entries, such as this one, are marked with an asterisk and aren't moved from the top of the column when new content is added.

Title Links

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As well as linking to the full entry, titles can also easily be made to link to external URLs -- useful for linking to projects hosted elsewhere.


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Each entry can be accessed in full via its permalink (the permalink for this entry, for example, is

Entries Per Page

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Each column has its own independent pagination. You can edit how many entries each column displays before moving on to the next page (1-100).


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Text can be formatted in all the ways you would expect.

  • Bullet points
  • Links
  • Headers